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  • What’s at Stake with Regards to Water and Water-treatment for “Rio +20”

In Rio, the international community must renew its commitments regarding water and water-treatment. While universal access to safe water and water-treatment remains a challenge in combatting poverty, demographic, economic, and climate pressures affect water resources, in quality and quantity. The UN “Rio +20” Conference on Sustainable Development’s conclusions should incorporate these cross-cutting dimensions and call for sustainable, responsible, and fair water management.

  • France’s Priorities with Regards to Water and Water-treatment for “Rio +20”

Third largest bilateral donor for actions related to accessing safe drinking water and water-treatment, France has more than doubled its development assistance since 2002 in this sector (€600 million/year today).

It hosted the 6th World Water Forum from March 12th to 17th, 2012 in Marseilles and has pledged to bring those findings to the “Rio +20” conference, especially through the three policy priorities that are at the heart of its own water policy:

-  accelerating the implementation of the right to access safe drinking water and water-treatment, with emphasis on wastewater management;
-  increasing the coherence of water, energy, and food security policies, maximizing their contribution to the green economy;
-  better integrating water into the sustainable development institutional framework in the post-2015 agenda.

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