Results of the RANET meeting (January 31st to February 2nd 2012)

As part of the implementation of the Action Plan for nuclear safety, the IAEA secretariat organised from January 31 to February 2, a consultancy meeting in order to strengthen and improve the RANET network, intended to coordinate assistance in case of nuclear accidents or radiologic urgencies.

States who are not members of RANET but who are using nuclear energy were also invited. France’s proposals for the establishment of a fast international intervention mechanism and an international crisis management training centre were introduced to this wider audience.

Representative of the Japanese nuclear safety authority (NISA) made a presentation on the lessons learned from the experience of the international assistance provided as response to the Fukushima-Daiichi accident. The importance of the French assistance, which was coordinated by the French Prime Minister’s Office, was recalled (GIE intra, EDF, AREVA, CEA, IRSN).

Dernière modification : 16/02/2012

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