Nuclear safety and security : Juan-Carlos Lentijo visits France

Juan-Carlos Lentijo, Deputy Director General, head of the Nuclear Safety and Security Department, came to France from 12th till 14th December 2016. This visit, the first made on the French territory since he was appointed, underlines the constant commitment of France regarding nuclear safety and security. An additional voluntary contribution of 230 000 euros has been announced on this occasion.

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During this visit, Juan-Carlos Lentijo met M. Jean-Christophe Niel, Director General of the Institut de radioprotection et sûreté nucléaire (IRSN, Nuclear radioproteciton and safety Institute) who welcomed him and showed him the research facilities of the IRSN in Cadarache. M. Lentijo was also welcomed by the French authorities of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Development, from the Ministry of Environment, Energy and the Sea, along with officials from the ASN, the CEA, EDF, AREVA and ANDRA. A visit of the building site of ITERhas also taken place.


The visit of M. Lentijo in France was the opportunity to introduce him to the French vision of safety control, especially the dual organisation of the French regulatory framework, built on an indpendant safety authority relying on a technical expert. Moreover, the acknowledgement of the role of the Technical Support Organiszations (TSO) and their participation to IAEA works have been discussed. The involvement of the IRSN into the TSO Forum has been recalled, along with the contribution of its experts to the drafting of an IAEA technical document, to be soon published, introducing the role of TSOs.This visit was also the opportunity for M. Lentijo to note the know-how of IRSN staff for expertise and research, at a time where the IAEA seeks to promote the technical and scientific basis of safety control, especially for new comer countries.

Parallel to this visit, France announced a voluntary extra-budegtary contribution of 230 000 € dedicated to the IAEA, reaching a lvel of more than 500 000 euros the amount of voluntary extra-budgetary financing granted by France, in 2016, in support of the nuclear security reinforcement programmes of the IAEA.


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