Nuclear Energy : ATMEA visits Vienna (13th April 2016)


On Wednesday 13th April, the President and Chief Executive Officer of ATMEA, Mr. Andreas GOEBEL, and the Delegate Chief Executive Officer, Mr.Yoshiki Ogata, came to Vienna to introduce the ATMEA joint venture and its nuclear reactor (ATMEA1). Organized in collaboration with the French and Japanese Permanent Missions to the IAEA, this day was the occasion to promote the ATMEA company, to make people aware of its present programmes and the possibilities for collaboration. Several meetings have been organised with IAEA representatives.

On the afternoon, in a meeting room of the HILTON Hotel, ATMEA introduced an overview of its activities, its ATMEA1 reactor and its ongoing programmes (especially the SINOP programme,in Turkey) to about 20 experts and diplomats from the permanent missions.


The ATMEA joint venture
In 2006, AREVA and MHI realized the need for a medium-power pressurized water reactor (PWR) that complies with all international safety requirements. With an extensive history of collaboration in R&D, component supply and MOX fuels, AREVA and MHI launched an initial design phase for the development of a third-generation nuclear island. As a result, the ATMEA joint venture was officially launched in November 2007 and is headquartered in Paris.


The ATMEA1 reactor is a generation III+, three-loop pressurized water reactor (PWR) with a net power output of 1,200 MWe class. This medium-power reactor sets the highest industry standard in terms of safety, economic performance and cutting-edge nuclear design. The ATMEA1 reactor was designed with the aim to develop a medium-power reactor that is safer and more reliable than others available on the market today. Its generation III+ design combines proven technology used in the AREVA EPR™ and MHI APWR models with our improvements in current design features and specifications.

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