The green industry and inclusive economy

  • What’s at Stake with Regards to the Green and Inclusive Economy for “Rio +20”

At a time when the perils faced by man and nature are getting worse every day, we must seek ways of establishing sustainable development for the entire planet. This is why the first challenge at Rio +20 will be initiating the transition to a green and inclusive economy.

This green and inclusive economy must simultaneously reconcile economic growth, social progress, and a response to great environmental challenges and better integrate the three pillars of sustainable development: environmental, economic, and social.
Rio +20 must propose progress with regards to the green and inclusive economy at a time when this concept is being established in panel discussions and international negotiations, including the G20.

  • France’s Commitments with Regards to the Green and Inclusive Economy for “Rio +20”

France, with its European partners, is committed to concrete and tangible results regarding the green and inclusive economy for Rio +20:

-  a global commitment and a shared understanding of the green and inclusive economy;

-  a United Nations Roadmap for a Green Economy, clarifying the steps and federating efforts at the national and international levels;

-  a toolbox or best practices guide translating the concept of a green and inclusive economy into actions;

-  a set of indicators that, beyond GDP, will measure progress towards sustainable development, in line with the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi Commission’s recommendations.

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