IAEA Board of Governors - March 2017

The IAEA Board of Governors takes place from 6th March till 8th March 2017, in Vienna. It mainly deals with matters related to nuclear technologies and nuclear safety, along with the renewed appointment of the Director General, Yukiya Amano.

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According to the status of the IAEA, the Board of Governors takes place in Vienna from 6th till 10th March 2017. This session is usually dedicated to the draft " Nuclear Technology Review" and the draft "Nuclear Safety Review". The Board is also requested, in line with article VII.A of the Agency status, for the appointment of the Director General, Mr. Yukiya AMANO, for a renewed 4 years mandate.

The French delegation is led by Ms. Anne Lazar-Sury, Governor for France to the IAEA.

The statements delivered by France can be read, in French, hereafter :
the upload will be updated according to the delivery of the statements

Discover the Board of Governors of March 2017, thanks to this IAEA video :

The Board of Governors is composed of 25 Member States among which 15 are designated by the Board itself and 20 are elected by the General Conference (Art. VI of the status). It is convened 5 times a year. The Board makes recommendations to the General Conference regarding the programme and budget of the Agency, approves safeguard agreements, approves the publication of safety standards and votes resolutions. This policy making organ is also responsible for the appointment of the Director General, with a later approval by the General Conference.

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