IAEA 58th General Conference 22-26 September 2014

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Credit: IAEA

The 58th Annual Regular Session of the IAEA General Conference takes place 22 through 26 September 2014 in Vienna, Austria. High-ranking officials and representatives from IAEA Member States will consider a range of issues. The General Conference meets annually to consider and approve the Agency’s programme and budget and admission of new Members, to discuss and adopt the resolutions giving mandate to the Secretariat, and to decide on other matters brought before it by the Board of Governors, the Director General, or Member States.

With its long experience in the design and long-term operation of a nuclear power fleet, France is highly involved in the IAEA General Conference. Throughout the week-long Conference, France hold an Exhibition Booth where experts will present France’s unique skills and offers to its partners in all nuclear fields, thus contributing to promote a responsible development of nuclear power. The French Exhibition Booth will be an opportunity for guests to meet with the main actors of the French nuclear sector, also present at the international level, as ANDRA, AREVA, Assystem, the CEA, DCNS, EDF, the I2EN, the INSTN, the IRSN and ONET.


Throughout the week of the General Conference, French representatives and experts also organize and participate in numerous events on various fields, i.a. : radioactive waste management, medical management of radiation accidents, capacity building, nuclear liability, etc.

A Scientific Forum will be held in conjunction with the 58th General and will focus on radioactive waste and the science and technology available for its safe management. France, who conducts innovative projects in the field of 4th generation reactors and of deep geological disposal for High activity waste, intends to bring its expertise to that event dedicated to a key issue for a sustainable nuclear energy, acceptable for our populations.

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