Human development

  • What’s at Stake with Regards to Human Development for “Rio +20”

The 1992 Rio Declaration emphasizes sustainable development’s social dimension: “Human beings are at the center of sustainable development concerns. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.” The social aspect also constitutes one of the three pillars of sustainable development.

During the French Presidency of the G20, the summit in Cannes (November 2011) recognized the importance of “investing in nationally defined social protection floors,” encouraging “resilient growth, social justice, and cohesion.”

In order to strengthen the social dimension of sustainable development, the Rio+20 Conference will therefore send a clear signal to the international community that sustainable development is comprehensive and helps eliminate poverty and social injustice.

  • France’s Commitment with Regards to Human Development for “Rio +20”

France is committed to promoting sustainable development’s social dimension, including:

-  the right to quality education at all levels;

-  access to vocational education and training throughout life;

-  decent work, the employability of youth & seniors, and unemployment insurance;

-  sustainable financing for healthcare through universal coverage of health risks;

-  access to family planning and sexual and reproductive healthcare and combatting maternal and infant mortality;

-  gender equality, empowerment, and defending women’s rights.


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