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  • What’s at Stake with Regards to Food Safety for “Rio +20”

The Rio +20 Conference should pave the way for better consideration of global food safety and nutrition by the international community. A major challenge must be met: it is a matter of feeding a population of nine billion people in 2050 in a context made more difficult by climate change and changing eating habits.

Rio +20 is a suitable forum for promoting global food security and nutrition based on the three pillars of sustainable development: economic, environmental, and social.

  • France’s Priorities with Regards to Food Safety for “Rio +20”

France is committed to giving food security and nutrition its rightful place at the Rio +20 Conference: availability, access, nutritional quality, and coordinated management of food crises at international level. France defends its inclusion, especially in the roadmap for an inclusive, green economy and future sustainable development goals (SDGs).

France’s experience in the field regarding food safety and nutrition and its commitment to this theme in all forums, including the G20, reinforce the legitimacy of its action in this area.

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