CTBTO – Lassina Zerbo receives the AAAS 2018 Science Diplomacy award.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science decided to give the 2018 Science Diplomacy award to Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the CTBTO. This award is to commend the work of the CTBTO and its Executive Secretary to promote the entry into force of the comprehensive nuclear test ban Treaty.

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The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) was founded in 1848 in the United States of America and is one of the oldest scientific associations in the world. It gathers today more than 120.000 adherents in the US and has a network through the world of more than 275 affiliated groups. One of its best known activities is the monthly publication of “Science”.

The AAAS attributes each years several scientific awards, among which the « Science Diplomacy award » that commends the commitment in favor of diplomacy through science. In 2018 the AAAS decided to commend Lassina Zerbo for his commitment as Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organisation (CTBTO), in support of the entry into force of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. The AAAS underlined the quality of the technical and scientific data provided by the CTBTO after the latest North Korean nuclear tests. The sharing of information coming from the international Monitoring System (IMS) by the CTBTO to ease tsunami warnings or as part of scientific research has also been welcomed.

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) was opened for signature in 1996. It encourages “each State Party undertakes not to carry out any nuclear weapon test explosion or any other nuclear explosion, and to prohibit and prevent any such nuclear explosion at any place under its jurisdiction or control”. France signed the treaty in 1996 and ratified it in 1998. Although not yet into force, the treaty is supported by a provisional structure which aims at the entry into force of the Treaty. The CTBTO has already started the building of an International Monitoring System (IMS) that will eventually consist of 337 stations in order to detect any nuclear explosion.

For its entry into force, the Treaty is still to be ratified by 8 States which are : the United States of America, China, Israel, India, Pakistan, North Korea, Egypt and Iran.


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