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The 57th CTBTO Working Group A session took place on 1 June, through an online conference platform and with live interpretation in the 6 United Nations official languages, for the very first time in Vienna.

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The 57th session of the Working Group A of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban treaty organization (CTBTO) took place thanks to an on-line conference platform, under the chairmanship of Ambassador Krueger, permanent representative of Namibia, according to the originally agreed date, on 1st June 2020. About 140 delegates were connected and participated to the discussions. Thanks to the efforts made by the Office of the United Nations in Vienna (UNOV) Conference service, in close relation with the CTBTO Provisional technical Secretariat (PTS) and the Algerian Preparatory Commission Chair, this meeting of the Working Group A was the very first decision making body meeting to take place in Vienna with a live interpretation in all 6 official languages of the United Nations.

As France has taken the Chairmanship of the United Nations Security Council on 1st June, it is particularly careful to the use of technical devices that enable the interpretation in all 6 United Nations official languages, in line with its constant commitment to support multilingualism.


Based on a simplified and adapted agenda, taken into account the specific technical conditions of the meeting, States signatories were able to approve several decisions dealing with administrative and financial matters, in the form of recommendations to the June Preparatory Commission session. Topics that were not addressed during this session, because of the simplified agenda, will be discussed during the 58th Working Group A session, next fall.

In their statements, States signatories encouraged, among other things, the PTS to take into account from now on the impact of the COVID19 pandemic on the CTBTO activities as initially planned in 2020 along with the financial consequences for the preparation of the 2021 CTBTO budget update.


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