CTBTO : 52nd Working Group B session

From 25 March till 5 April, experts coming from all States signatories to the CTBT gathered in Vienna. For two weeks, technical discussions between experts and the Provisional technical Secretariat led to an overview on the implementation of the verification regime, along with the latest technical developments that could be useful to the treaty.

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The Working Group B - WGB

As part of the provisional entry into force of the verification regime of the Comprehensive nuclaer Test Ban Treaty (CTBT), States signatories gather twice a year to extensively discuss on technical activities carried out by the Preparatory Commission. Each country, through technical experts, taks note of the development implemented by the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) such as new station installation, new stations certification, possible technical challenges for data processing or the roadmap for on-site inspections… State signatories also share their latest technical developments or important achievements that they have reached. The WG-B agenda is organized with plenary meetings and smaller groups for experts in order to support the improvement of the CTBT verification regime efficiency.

At the end of these 10 days of discussions, the working group B adopts through consensus among all present States Signatories a report that reflects the discussed activities and makes recommendations. This report, and more specifically the recommendations therein, will be submitted to the June session of the CTBTO Preparatory Commission for formal approval.

French contribution to the 52nd Working Group B session

During this 52nd session, the French delegation showed the importance given by France to the CTBTO activities, by sharing with other delegations the latest achievements reached in the field of infrasound techniques metrology and the results obtained with a new generation infrasound sensor, the MB3 sensor as proposed by SEISMOWAVE. These metrology activities are carried out in close cooperation with the Bureau international des poids et des mesures and will lead to a major milestone in the infrasound science.


Promoting the French-German friendship

During this session, France and German wished to benefit of the ongoing joint presidency of the United Nations Security Council to recall the importance given by the two countries to nuclear disarmament and our ongoing support to the CTBT and its entry into force. A joint statement was delivered, in French, by H.E. Ambassador Gerhard Küntzle, permanent representative of Germany to the United Nations in Vienna and Mr. Stéphane PAILLER, deputy permanent representative of France to the United Nations in Vienna.
The French-German friendship was also underlined by a joint reception for experts of all delegations, under the presidency of H.E. Ambassador Gerhard Küntzle and H.E. Ambassador jean-Louis Falconi, at the French Embassy.


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