CTBTO : 51st session of the preparatory commission (7 - 9 November 2018)

According to its statutes, the 51st session of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) Preparatory Commission (PrepComm) took place in Vienna, from 7 till 9 November 2018. The 184 States Signatories were invited to discuss on the activities carried out by the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS), during the last 6 months. Only decision making organ of the CTBTO, the preparatory Commission adopted several decisions, dealing with budget issues or linked with the renewing of appointments of two PTS Directors.

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Under the Italian Chairmanship of H.E. Maria Assunta Accili Sabbatini, the Preparatory Commission listened to the Executive Secretary Lassina Zerbo who delivered an opening statement on the activities carried out by the PTS during the last months. The States Signatories have adopted the budget update proposal for 2019 and have examined the reports of Working group A (subsidiary body in charge of preparing decisions on administrative and financial matters) and Working Group B (subsidiary body in charge of preparing decisions on technical and scientific matters linked with the implementation of the Treaty verification system).
During this session, the States Signatories have also approved, through consensus, the renewing of the appointment of Ms. Margarete Sobral, from Brazil, as Director for Human resources, and of Mr. Patrick GRENARD, from France, has Director for Administration.

Mme Sobral (gauche), directrice des ressources humaines, et M. Grenard, directeur de l'administration. - JPEG

Finally, the States Signatories have approved the draft budget to support the upcoming Article XIV Conference, in 2019, in the event it was agreed among ratifying States to convene it. This Conference, that usually takes place every other year, is an important moment for the promotion of the Treaty and the support to its entry into force. It is concluded with the adoption of a ministerial declaration.
In its national statements, France recalled its full support to the CTBTO and to the entry into force of the Treaty. Latest achievements of France have been underlined, such as the beginning of qualification of the new radioisotope measurement device, the SPALAX NG, designed by France with the CEA, along with the latest developments on the installation of the very last station to be installed by France according to its contribution to the International Monitoring System (IMS), the infrasound station IS25 in Guadeloupe. France also mentioned the coming of Mr. Zerbo to the Paris Peace Forum where he will participate to a panel discussion.


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