COPUOS scientific and technical Subcommittee is holding its 51st session from March 19 to March 30 in Vienna.

During 2 weeks, 71 COPUOS member States, many observatory participants such as the European Space Agency or the European Union, as well as scientific experts on spatial issues, will discuss itmes in the Agenda prepared by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs in Vienna. Here is the provisional agenda:

PDF - 213.3 kb
CUPUOS 51st session-Provisional agenda
(PDF - 213.3 kb)

A wide range of topics will be discussed, in particular: those related to the implementation of the five space UN treaties –delimitation of outer space, geostationary satellites, use of nuclear power sources in outer space, general exchange of information on national mechanisms relating to space debris mitigation measures, national legislations regarding the exploration and peaceful use of outer space.

On March 20th, H E Florence Mangin delivered a statement on French views on those matters. The speech is only avalaible in French:

PDF - 196.3 kb
H.E Florence Mangin’s speech (French version)
(PDF - 196.3 kb)

Moreover, French national space agency CNES made the following presentation on the “French national register of space objects”:

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