COPUOS scientific and technical Subcommittee is holding its 49th session from February 6 to February 17 in Vienna.


During 2 weeks, 71 COPUOS member States, many observatory participants such as the European Space Agency or the European Union, as well as scientific experts on spatial issues, will discuss points in the Agenda prepared by the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs in Vienna. Here is the provisonal agenda.

A wide range of current topics will be discussed, in particular: space debris, the space-system-based disaster managament, the global navigation satellite systems, and the near-Earth objects. The works of this current session will be mainly focused on long term sustainability of outer space activites, in order to set guidelines. A statement for France, presenting our priorities, has been prononced by H E Ms Florence Mangin on the 9th of February (her statement is in French)

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France’s speech
(PDF - 193.6 kb)


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