COPUOS 55th session. Vienna - June 6-15th

COPUOS (United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space) is holding its 55th session from June 6th to 15th in Vienna. One of the main objectives of this meeting is to adopt the reports produced by the two technical sub-committees – the scientific and technical sub-committee and the legal sub-committee- that were held earlier in 2012.

The session provides an opportunity for the working group on the long-term viability of space activities – which comprises four experts sub groups- to introduce its initial findings. France is strongly committed to the activities of this group, which is tasked with examining important issues such as space debris and possible ways to cope with them.

Moreover, in addition to the COPUOS plenary session, the EU and UNIDIR will organise a “kick-off meeting” to raise public awareness on the proposed international code of conduct for outer space activities, which aims at strengthening outer space activities through transparency and confidence-building measures.

The UE and the French declarations will be posted on this website later on, - after they are pronounced – on June 8th.

Dernière modification : 07/06/2012

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