CCPCJ was held in Vienna from April 23rd to April 27th

The 21st session of the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) was held in Vienna from April 23rd to April 27th. Its president was the Princess Bajrakitiyabha of Thailand. The CCPCJ is a functional commission under the authority of the ECOSOC, where resolutions are adopted in order to edit the international guidelines concerning crime prevention and criminal justice. The main fields concerned by the CCPCJ’s actions are the following: organised crime, economic crime, violence against juveniles, money laundering, environment protection etc. One of the Commission’s goals is to ensure that the criminal justice is efficient. In 2011, 17 resolutions were adopted. At the 21st session, 10 resolutions were adopted.

The delegations discussed the UNODC programs, budget linked concerns, the application of the treaties and the international and national policies to prevent crime.
The topic of the thematic debate was: “violence against migrants, migrant workers and their families”. Other topics were present in the resolutions, like counterfeiting, the criminal statistics, the prisoners’ conditions and the private security services.

More than thirty side events and exhibitions were organized on various topics, like on the victims of terrorism or on AIDS prevention. The CCPCJ is above all an opportunity for the States to share their experiences and knowledge about the theme. France organized along with Switzerland a side event on the impact of organized crime on peace in the Sahel, within the framework of the “Groupe des ambassadeurs francophones”.

Picture credits CCPCJ logo: UNODC

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