CBI - Visit of the Research Centers of Saclay and Cadarache – 14th & 15th April

A visit of the Research Centers of Saclay and Cadarache, organised by the Commisariat à l’Energie atomique et aux énergies alternatives (CEA), with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, took place on the 14th and 15th April 2015.

The participants, coming from more than 10 countries, have been welcomed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where David BERTOLOTTI, Director of Nuclear Disarmament and Non-proliferation, among other things, recalled the importance for France to reinforce the access of States that comply by their international obligations regarding the peaceful uses of nuclear technology, according to the Article IV of the NPT. They then listened to Frédéric JOURNÈS, French Governor to the AIEA and Director of the International Affairs of the CEA, talking about the actions driven by France to promote nuclear energy and non nuclear applications (health, agriculture, environment, etc.) by supporting the IAEA and about the goals and implementation of the Capacity Building Initiative. Florian LEWIS, Gen. Directorate for Energy and Climate change, from the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy presented the French nuclear policy.
JPEGMeeting at the Hôtel du ministre, Ministère des Affaires étrangères et du Développement international, Paris, Tuesday 14th April 2015. Crédits = T. Peyroux.

The visit went on at the CEA Research Center of Saclay. There, the participants have accessed the ISIS Research Reactor, who has agreed with the IAEA a convention to broadcast live internet Pratical Workshops (IAEA Internet Reactor Laboratory, IRL).

The participants could also met Yves FANJAS in Saclay, the Director of the I2EN (International de l’Energie Nucléaire), which is the “contact point” for all foreign students and scientists that are willing to know about the French offer regarding capacity building in civil nuclear applications.
JPEGPresentation of the I2EN by Yves Fanjas, CEA Saclay, Tuesday 14th April 2015. Crédits = D. Friguet.

On 15th April, once arrived in the CEA facility of Cadarache, the participants visited the construction site of the upcoming Jules Horowitz Research Reactor, that is one of the facilities that France has proposed to be designated as an ICERR (International Center based Research Reactor, a network of research reactors built by the IAEA to grant access to training sessions for new comers countries willing to launch a nuclear programme). This French candidacy also concerns the LECA laboratory (Laboratory for the examination of active fuel) in relationship with the STAR Laboratory, which is used for the examination of fuel samples after irradiation, the facility of which was also visited by the participants.

JPEGParticipants in front of the Jules Horowitz Reasarch reactor, under construction, CEA Cadarache, Wednesday15th April 2015. Crédits = D. Vitali.

Among the several possibilities forecasted to reinforce the cooperation in Capacity Building, the proposal of a global “inventory”, organized through specific needs of states willing to develop or expand a nuclear energy programme or non-energy application, has particularly raised the attention of the participants.

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