Alternative technologies to high level radioactive sources: 2nd scientific workshop in Vienna [fr]

Photo Credit: Kressimir Nikolic

This event brought together 34 representatives from 16 Member States of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Non-Governmental Organisations, industry and the IAEA.
Established in 2015, this Ad Hoc meeting aims at providing participants with a platform for the exchange of national experiences regarding the use of alternative technologies.

It also identifies technical and economic issues pertaining to the use of these alternative technologies, challenges regarding their implementation and ways to encourage States to promote their use, without restricting their national technological choices.
This workshop contributes to the strengthening of security of radioactive sources, one of France’s top priorities in nuclear security since the 2014 Nuclear Security Summit (NSS).
Indeed, France calls for an increased international action in favour of the security of radioactive sources, according to three lines of focus:

  1. Strengthening the relevant international framework,
  2. Encouraging the development and diffusion of alternative technologies to high activity radioactive sources,
  3. Reinforcing cooperation between suppliers of radioactive sources with a view to increasing security during their life cycle.

In 2016, The U.S. joined France and 26 other countries in committing to a Joint Statement on Strengthening the Security of High Activity Sealed Radioactive Sources at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington. Among other steps, the Joint Statement calls for supporting the development of alternatives technologies.

Dernière modification : 21/11/2016

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